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Crowns & Bridges at Greenwich Dental Practice

A Dental Crown is a fixed prosthetic device that is fitted on top of a tooth that has been weakened by trauma or decay.

The tooth-shaped shell looks very natural and is used to restore both the appearance and function of the tooth, as well as protect it from further damage.

A Dental Bridge is made in a similar way but consists of a false tooth (called a pontic) positioned between two adjoining Crowns and is used to fill the gap vacated by a missing tooth. As well as being fitted onto existing teeth, Crowns and Bridges are also widely used in conjunction with Dental Implants to form a complete tooth replacement solution.

The Benefits of Crowns & Bridges

At Greenwich Dental Practice we can match your new Crowns or Bridges to the same colour as your natural teeth for a great looking result. Typically made from porcelain, they are very hard wearing and can last for a many years. They are fitted firmly in place with a strong adhesive which makes them very stable and secure.

Appointments for Crowns & Bridges

Your dentist will initially examine your teeth to determine the best treatment for you. If Crowns or Bridges are appropriate then we will explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you would like to raise.

Treatment is normally split over two appointments. On the first visit the preparatory work is done and impressions taken. These are then sent away for your unique Crowns and Bridges to be created. The fitting takes place at the second visit and the tooth is then cleaned and polished for the final result.

The Next Step

For more information about Dental Crowns and Bridges at Greenwich Dental Practice, or to book an appointment, call us today on 020 8858 1055 or email

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For more information on crowns & bridges or to book an appointment call us today on 020 8858 1055 or email
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